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Why One Woman Left Her Children

Is honesty the best policy, or are some things just unsayable?

Have you guys been reading the series on called Real Families? Well, if not, you should start. I promise it’s super-good, y'all. Personally, I love reading first-person accounts from people who are deeply different from me. I'm fascinated by other people's choices, especially when they’re the kinds of choices that get publicly vilified. Enter Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, whose essay, "Why I Left My Children," is destined to battle the Charlie Sheen saga for water cooler fodder this week.

In the essay, Rizzuto admits to all kinds of un-admitable mommy sins -- like putting her career first and not wanting children in the first place. She's so honest and open that it's easy for me to empathize with her even though I feel very differently about wanting children (just one example, people). Personally, I think it needs to be okay for women to admit that not everyone is cut out for mommydom and not everyone finds it to be the blissful, glowy experience that society tells them it is.

What do you think? Was it horrible of Rizzuto to have admitted these things, especially since she (unlike me) signed her real name to the essay and, theoretically, her kids might someday read it?

-- Holly

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