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My Married Life: What Do You Do That Annoys Your Wife?

I can think of about a hundred, but here are five.

Holly just showed me thread that inspired this idea, as well as her list. So now I'm up to my eyeballs in (completely unnecessary) research. This is a funny topic because right off the bat, I could think of about a million things I do that annoy Holly. So my next thought was, "Why the hell do I keep doing them, then?" Ah, love. It's a weird, weird animal. Marriage might be an even weirder one. Here are the first five things I do that appear to annoy Holly, in no particular order.
1. I mumble.
2. I refuse to discuss personal topics on the subway or on crowded public streets -- anywhere where I feel that people might be listening in. If we are having a mild argument and I suddenly stop talking because I think someone is eavesdropping, it drives Holly crazy.
3. She does not seem to appreciate being told she looks "fine."
4. I leave the car radio turned up all the way so that when Holly turns the car on to go somewhere she gets her eardrums blasted out.
5. I constantly have a runny nose and sometimes blow it at the table.
Alright guys, now it's your turn. What are the five things that you do that annoy your wife?

-- Jack