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My Married Life: Married Russian Men Can't Keep It in Their Pants

Or within the confines of marriage, apparently.

After reading this Slate article about the prevalence of infidelity amongst Russian couples, I am really feeling for my Soviet sisters. Apparently, Russian husbands are quite the randy bunch. According to the article, married men who openly cheat on their wives have become so common in Russia they now represent the social norm. In fact, cheating is so prevalent that Russian women have come to expect it -- which is not to say they don't still cry over it.

Due to a shortage of Russian men (there are 10 percent fewer men than women between the ages of 15 and 64 in Russia), Russian women feel that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to their relationships. Apparently, while Russian men don’t worry about losing their wives or girlfriends, Russian women worry that if they say good-bye to one man (no matter how bad he might be), they may never find another one. So in order to cope with their philandering partners, Russian women just keep their heads down and shrug it off. Seriously!

Here’s what the article had to say:
"'Faithfulness in marriage is seen as something that is nice but unrealistic,’ says Moscow sociologist, Irina Tartakovskaya. She points out that if women don't really expect it of their husbands, they can pre-empt feelings of shock and betrayal."

Ugh. Right? Ladies, if you have any single male relatives or friends, maybe suggest they browse one of those Russian "mail order" bride websites as an act of international aid? I'm only kind of kidding. ’Cause seriously, don't these girls deserve faithful husbands? What would you do if your only prospects were a cheating spouse or spending the rest of your life alone? And does anyone have any experience with (or have any juicy second-hand stories about ) this phenomenon? Do tell.

-- Holly

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