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My Married Life: Would You Take Separate Vacations?

This week on the Nest boards, the girls were debating taking a vacay without their husbands. It got me thinking about whether I would. At first I thought, “Definitely!” The idea of getting away with a girlfriend sounds amazing. The only thing is, Jack and I are rarely able to travel. So assuming that I had both the time and money to go somewhere (a tall order), I doubt I’d cash in my chips alone. It’d be one thing if we took trips together on a regular basis. But we don’t; in fact, we haven’t gone anywhere that wasn’t family related since our honeymoon. Yikes!

But before you throw us a full-fledged pity party, we did buy a big old house, a little old car, move upstate, move back downstate, get a dog, pay for doggy day care five days a week, renovate to the point of lying-on-the-floor-sobbing madness -- oh and get walloped by a life-threatening (and bank account emptying) health issue (Jack's all better now, thank you very much). So it’s been pretty exciting since the wedding. My point? Yeah, I would totally take a vacation without Jack -- provided that I had the kind of life where I took vacations. As in plural.


-- Holly

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