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Relationship Regrets -- I've Had a Few

New study says Americans regret their romantic decisions more than anything else.

A new study by Neal Roese, professor of marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, has found that typical Americans have more regrets about love and romance than they do about pretty much anything else. Hmm. Let me think...yep! When I take even a second to rifle through my pile of not-so-hot past decisions, I'm not at all ashamed about things like questionable career choices (read: changing my mind/career path repeatedly) or questionable personal makeovers (read: every hair color under the rainbow, not to mention the "half hawk" -- a look I proudly rocked for multiple years). I can honestly say that I dig my personal history and look back fondly on most of my bumbling.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, I kind of have to cringe. Because that's where things get a little (cough, a lot) more pathetic. I do have romantic regrets. Let me count the names. Actually, let me not count the names. Instead, I'll just say that I've done a lot of embarrassing, ridiculous things out of (what I thought was) love,including (but not limited to): stalking, snooping, shredding (documents and photographs, not belonging to me, obvs.), cheating, lying, crying, laughing (at inappropriate times, obvs.) and/or dumping a guy for one of his close friends (see also: mental cruelty). Do I regret my behavior? Sure. Did I learn from my super-bad ways? Yes. Does my current husband benefit, because I got so much bad out of my system before meeting him? I'd like to think so.

What about you? Do you have romantic regrets?

-- Holly

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