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No Sex (or Kissing!) Before Marriage: A New Trend?

Physical intimacy is totally last year.

So lately I’ve been hearing a lot about relationships without premarital sex. First there was Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s sexless courtship (but really, who believes that?). Then you have teen pop sensations the Jonas Brothers who all wear promise rings to show their sexual purity (except, of course, for now-married Kevin). And my personal favorite: The ever-growing über-Christian household on the show 19 Kids and Counting (or however many that mommy has popped out since the show started) just saw one of their sons off at the altar -- the couple hadn’t even kissed before they said their “I dos.”

The plot thickens: Now there’s a dating site for people looking for love, without all that sexy fuss.

Now, if I’ve learned anything from Sex and the City (and Hollywood in general), it’s this: Do the deed before you say “I do.” (Side note: Did you see this Nestie post about a possible return of SATC to TV? ) Charlotte and Trey’s relationship taught us that the deed should be done wayyyy before those nuptials.

Sure, I can understand saving yourself for a while to make sure he or she is the one, but what if, ultimately, that sexual chemistry just isn’t there?

-- Holly

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