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The Magic Number to Date Before Settling Down

I've analyzed just how logical this is (or isn't).

A little of Holly took over me when I came across an article on Though I'm a bit behind on the news, I couldn't help but get wrapped up in the idea of pinning a magical number to the amount of people you date before you supposedly find "the one."

According to a professor at Indiana University, most people settle down after dating 12 people. It got me thinking -- how many people had I dated before Holly? I took a few minutes (okay, actually 10 to 15) and wrote down all the lucky ladies that came before her (or at least the ones I remembered), and turns out, this professor isn't far off.

However, I do see many places where his research could be wayyyy off. First of all, what defines dating? Does it imply sex or simply going out on numerous occasions? Second, where in the world did he get his results? How many test subjects were there? Did they all have similar lifestyles? I could give you the "Everyone is different and goes at a different pace" spiel, but you all know it. It's ridiculous to try to predict such an obscure number when in fact it's true that one person may find "the one" after dating just them or not until after their third marriage.

What do you think: Would you stop at number 12 just because some professor said so?

-- Jack