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Ultimate Bachelors or Sleazy Older Men?

Where do you draw the distinction?

Guys, I get that at a certain point in our lives, we start to get gray hairs, wrinkles, and, well, just all around a lot less attractive. And sure, many of us will look to overpriced Lamborghinis or hang gliders, but I can’t really get behind the idea of going after women 15-30 years younger than us. Why the sudden interest with mid-life crises? Holly pointed me to a certain Jezebel post about why older men date younger. Even OK Cupid’s 2010 survey proved that men are continually searching the younger ranks (we’re talking 18-30 year olds) even though their AARP letters are starting to roll in.

When you think about the famous instances of guys cradle-robbing (*cough* Hugh Hefner *cough*), how can you think it’s normal, or anywhere near acceptable? Personally I would go for a hot car over a hot college student (or high school student, at that) any day -- but maybe that’s just my happy marriage to my hot wife (who looks more like a hot college student than she thinks) talking.

I just don’t understand the obsession with looking to younger women for personal gratification. Sure you may be getting a beer gut, or gray hairs, but seriously, haven’t you heard of the gym or “Just for Men”? Okay, maybe I’m sounding preachy and just a tiny bit like Holly now, but it’s true. I would think the difference in age would lead to less satisfying interactions and all-around relationships (but maybe that’s not what they’re looking for?). It speaks volumes that women are looking for mature relationships, i.e. from men their own age. Plus, if they looked to even younger guys, the men would either be jobless or utterly immature (I remember how I was in my 20s, and it was less than attractive).

So what do you guys think -- is it just about feeling better about themselves? Shouldn’t people just accept aging and grow up?! Is there a huge age gap in your relationship? Does it help or hinder things? Holly and I are pretty close in age, which helps I think. We’re maturing and aging together.

-- Jack