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It's Time to Be Resolute

I'm taking Holly's resolutions into my own hands this year

So the Christmas trees have come down, carols are no longer on the radio and The Christmas Story isn't being played on repeat on TV (thank god). So we all know what that means, New Year's resolutions. I can tell you that I accomplished all of...none of my resolutions from last year. I can feel the judging eyes already! But how many of you kept your resolution to lose those pounds, eat healthier and nag less? I'll tell you -- none of you!

I read this article in the paper about how you should have your friends and family (and especially your significant others) make resolutions for you. They have the ability to judge you from the outside and possibly see things that you may not know need improving. Plus they can check in on you about your progress rather than just keeping a to-do list on your calendar and never crossing anything off (guilty).

In the spirit of this new idea, I've decided to make a list of all the things I think Holly should have on her list this coming year! Number one: Spend more time with her husband. Because of our odd working schedules we often split our time in the city and upstate at our house. But since Holly has more flexibility, I sometimes get left at the apartment all alone all week. Jack gets lonely. (As I type that I'm embarrassed by my use of the third person.)

Number two: Cook dinner a few times a month. Disclaimer: This is not me being antifeminist. We spend so much on takeout food that I think it would be so much nicer (and cost efficient!) to cook at home once in a while. Sure our kitchen has restrictions (i.e. it's tiny), but we can make do. Of course, she can put cooking more on my list too -- she just knows that mac n' cheese and hot dogs are about all that's in my cooking repertoire nowadays.

For the last resolution I thought I'd take it to her work: Stress less. I think a lot of New Yorkers (and hard-working Americans!) can agree that we overwork ourselves and it's often because we demand perfection. But we simply don't have time for perfection in our 10-12 hour work days. And perhaps if we have a better quality of life, that perfection will just come along because we're happier we're not working until 11pm at night?

Stress less, cook more and spend more time with me! I think it's not a bad list I mean I could have gone really personal and said to stop nagging me about not cleaning my stuff up around the apartment...but I didn't! So what about you guys, do you think making resolutions for your significant other will help them achieve their goals? I think Holly will be grateful (and hopefully not spiteful). What are your new year's resolutions, either for yourself or for your spouse, this year?

-- Jack