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In Search of the Perfect Apartment

Here's a hint: It doesn't exist.

Jack and I have started to look for a new apartment in hopes that we can move out of our shoebox of a place. It's funny how just a year can make us conveniently forget our hatred for apartment hunting and moving in general. We've come to the point in our lives where we're ready to settle down -- hence our house upstate -- but at the same time, we do need a place in the city so we can remain connected to the civilized world. Well, that and our jobs.

But it's so hard to find a place that's worth the time and energy (and, let's face it, the trauma) of moving. I mean, small sacrifices are one thing, but just settling when it comes to location, size and cost is another story. It's enough to make us abandon the city altogether -- almost.

On the bright side, this apartment-hunting thing has forced Jack and I to agree on what we want out of our city digs. We need a pet-friendly place where Bernard, our fat little pug, won't be doggy contraband. We also need a place where we can retreat to separate rooms -- because when I get mad at Jack, I need to be able to send him somewhere. And last but not least, we (and when I say "we," I mean Jack) need a bathtub. Because we (ahem, Jack) love taking long baths. Of course we (me) would also love to have a balcony, but that's not a necessity (yes it is).

What about you guys? Do you hate apartment searching? Sure, it's cool to check out a new part of the city, but don't you just want to find a place where you can settle in and not have to worry about packing up all your shidt and schlepping it around every 12 months?!

-- Holly

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