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Road Rage, Redirected

When we drive, we yell at each other, not at other drivers.

Jack and I went on a little road trip to visit friends this weekend. And when I say road trip I mean a grueling seven hours (just wait, I know it doesn’t sound so long) in our small excuse for a safe vehicle.

I’ve gotta say, being on the road really brings out the hatred in both of us. I think the car is where we do most of our fighting. Granted we’re not on the road together often, but when we are, tensions run high. We’ve got so much road rage towards each other -- like why is Jack such a TERRIBLE navigator. I mean, I want to drive just for a change of scenery, but it’s nearly impossible because he gets ridiculous A.D.D. in the passenger seat…that is until he feels the need to chime in about how I’m not stopping soon enough or going a few (okay, 15) over the speed limit.

The funny thing is though, pretty much the second we step out of the car, those tiffs (passive aggressive comments and near-yelling matches) evaporate and we completely forget our anger (well I haven’t, obviously) and move on to more important things (like making up).

What about you? Do fights accelerate when you two are in the car together?

-- Holly

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