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A Real Housewives Suicide

Russell Armstrong -- husband of Taylor Armstrong -- succumbs to the reality TV curse.

I’ve said it before: Reality TV is terrible for your marriage. Relationships just aren’t meant to be broadcast on TV and dissected by complete strangers and the media (yes, I’m aware I’m technically part of the media).

Watch any episode of The Real Housewives of, well, any city, and you’ll see husbands and wives and best friends ready to punch each other out. But those fights probably really only lasted a few moments at that sort of intensity. Add clever editing and “stars” playing it up for the cameras, and you’ve got a recipe for real-life disaster.

Last week, the estranged (and soon-to-be ex) husband of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong was found dead after an apparent suicide. This after just one season, mind you (though the show’s been picked up for a second). It’s a tragedy for sure, but one that makes me wonder why people would put their lives and families in jeopardy just for a measure of fame and...well, many of these people already have fortune.

The most interesting twist to the story is a quote from Russell Armstrong last month; he says about his relationship: “We had a wonderful marriage, and I don't want you to get the impression that Taylor and I are bitter enemies -- we're not." So who knows what kind of drama existed behind closed doors, but it’s hard not to think those damn housewives (and the spotlight) changed the couple’s whole reality.

Sigh. I guess we’ll never really know. But I admit, I’ll keep tuning in, trying to find out.

What do you guys think -- was their marriage doomed from the start, or is reality TV a marriage curse? Do you think Taylor feels bad even though she was divorcing him and accusing him of abuse?

-- Holly

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