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A Sexathon PLUS a Chance to Win a Tropical Vacay? Sign Me Up!

Do I know what a sexathon is? Not really. But I'm totally in.

Oh, hi! I almost didn't see you come in. I was busy stretching, warming up, getting my fluids -- you know, prepping for The Nest Sexathon. What's that, you ask? A sexathon? Why, it's just like a marathon...except with sex. So obviously, training is key. Personally, I'll just be happy to finish without pulling anything...

Alright, alright, alright! Here's the deal: is hosting a really fun contest/campaign to get more couples to make sex a priority. Even though it's intentionally tongue-in-cheek, it's honestly an awesome idea -- cause really, anything that encourages couples to do it more earns an automatic thumbs-up from me. Plus, as you’ll find out if you check it out, there are lots of reasons you and your partner should be doing it more. So come on, join with me!

Here's a rundown from the site:

"Here at, we believe you can never have enough sex. But, it’s no surprise that when you’re short on time, energy and lust, sex falls on the bottom of many couples’ priority lists. That’s why we’re running a monthlong campaign to help you heat up your sex lives (plus, win a trip for two to St. Lucia while you’re at it!). Check out our easy tips, tricks and tools for spicing things up in the bedroom (sex coupons, anyone?) -- and share your best advice below for keeping sex at the top of your priority list for a chance to win a sexy Caribbean getaway!"

To enter, all you have to do is post your favorite tip for keeping things hot. I just read through a few of the posts that are already up -- some are spot-on (“I turn off the TV”), and some are funny (“I shave my legs”). I haven't decided what I'll post yet, but I'm definitely entering. More sex AND the chance for a free vacay? What’s there to lose?

If you enter, be sure to stop back by here and let me know your tip for putting sex at the top of your list. Share the knowledge, y'all!

-- Holly

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