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News Flash: Sitcoms Have Got Love and Marriage Down...To a Science

Apparently sitcoms know the secret to a happy marriage.

I'm sure you've all heard of The King of Queens (unless you lived under a rock for the nine seasons it aired) and laughed along with Carrie and Doug's life together, but didn't you always think: How could he could ever get her? I'll admit that while they were such a lovable couple, their believability was often subject. I mean, have you seen her in a bathing suit next to him? It just didn't make sense to me.

Then, in walks science. Turns out a recent study found that newlywed couples where the wife was thinner than the husband were actually happier than couples in which the husband was thinner than the wife (or around her same weight). I'll admit I laughed a little and read on. Researchers followed newlyweds for four years and tested their body mass index over those years. Couples in which the husband has a higher index than the wife were consistently happier than couples who were the opposite.

Now this actually makes total sense to me. If I weighed more than Jack I would not be a happy camper. I would probably be depressed and feel ugly and fat. Plus, maybe he wouldn't be as attracted to me. And the same goes for Jack. If he were super skinny, I would probably actually be jealous of him! Plus, he wouldn't be as jacked (get it?) as he is now, which would make me feel less attracted to him. So it totally makes sense.

After reading this article, are you looking at those King of Queens reruns in a whole new light? I sure am. Does this proof ring true in your marriage? Or are you the exception?

-- Holly

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