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Sleepy Sex and Sexsomnia

Sex and sleep are connected; No wonder they both feel so good.

I always knew sleep and sex were connected, but it wasn’t until Holly passed along a recent article in Psychology Today that I truly learned about their intimate relations to each other. Maybe it’s just because it’s been a long week and I’m really tired, but I was excited to read about sleep. And learning a few new things about sex wasn't so bad either.

For instance, did you know that you can have sex while you’re asleep? Awesome, right? But in the case of people who have this particular disorder -- called sexsomia -- they actually don't remember it the next day. Not so sexy anymore, huh? Kinda creepy. In fact, apparently there was one guy who got his wife pregnant while he was fast asleep. Imagine telling that story to the in-laws?

Holly and I will both admit that it’s hard to find time to have sex: We have odd work schedules and don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like. This article proposes that couples shouldn’t have sex only before bed, but sometimes it can be hard to find any other time -- or place -- to do the deed. [] I guess if it’s for the sake of better sex and better sleep, though, heck, sign me up (btw, check this out: Holly was considering getting us separate beds so we could sleep better.

Ultimately, this is the part I found most interesting: According to the article, sleep actually improves sex. And often, waking someone up from sleep (especially their R.E.M. cycle) for sex can increase the pleasure experience. That's like an ultimate fantasy (talk about a good start to the day), but I know Holly is not a morning person. Maybe I can convince her to do it for science?

So what do you think: Could you possibly be a sexsomniac? And what side of the bed -- I mean, debate -- are you on: before-bed sex or morning sex?

-- Jack