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Why Do Smart, Married Guys Snap-n-Send Wiener Pics?

It's like playing Russian roulette...'cept with peens. And yes, Weiner, I'm talking to you.

You say Weiner, I say Wiener...and let's call the whole thing off. Ugh! US Representative Anthony D. Weiner finally publicly confessed to having sexted at least six different women. A rising star in the Democratic party who's already raised more than $5 million for his planned 2013 New York mayoral run, Weiner has a lot to lose professionally. And in his personal life, the stakes were also high: Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, the super-chic, beautiful aide to Hillary Clinton. During Weiner's weepy, squirmy press conference on Monday, Abedin was notably NOT by his side, and I, for one, was glad. Even if Abedin does forgive him and opts to stay in the marriage, I don't think it's necessary for a wife to show up and share in the public humiliation (recall: the Spitzer press conference) that, quite frankly, she does not deserve.

Speaking of which, I can't for the life of me understand what the hell this phenomenon is about. I say "phenomenon" because Weiney is hardly the first powerful figure to go down this dumbass road of emailing provocative photos of himself around (think: New York Republican Christopher Lee). I mean, these are men that have everything, everything, to lose, and yet, they risk it all for some quick stranger sex (be it virtual or online). I don't get it!!

I'm sure some marriage-hating men will pipe up and say that sleeping with the same woman for years on end is so boring that a man naturally starts to hunger for some strange stuff. But I'm not buying it. When things get boring in bed, get off your ass! Put on a friggin' costume, buy one of those ridiculous-looking sex swings, or a nipple clamp or two. In other words: Don't throw your whole career and marriage down the drain just because you need a little spice. I asked Jack, and he said that he can't believe anyone would be this stupid either.

So come on -- help us understand what makes these men tick. Please, if anyone has any insight, share it here.

-- Holly

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