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A Sweet, Sad Love Story

Warning: 85 percent chance of tears predicted.

The love story of Gavin Snow and Haley Tanner moved me to tears when I read it in The New York Times this week. And that was before I watched the video, which left me a sniffly wreck. The story was a beautiful reminder to me of what true love is all about (in short: Convenient and easy have nothing to do with it), as well as a sweet reminder of the friends that I've lost to skin cancer.

The gist of the story: Snow was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma two months before meeting Tanner, who by all accounts was the love of his life. For the next two years, the couple's romance blossomed as they attended Snow's nearly constant medical appointments. But in 2008, Snow's cancer was upgraded to stage 4, which is usually terminal. By the start of 2011, doctors had told Snow that they’d exhausted all treatment options. Throughout the journey (which ended when Snow suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage resulting from bleeding tumors in February of this year), the couple grew ever closer, talking about the depth and breadth of their feelings for each other, right up to the end, and for Tanner, beyond.

Here's a quote from Tanner (from the video) that pretty much says it all. "The truth about it is, when you are in love with someone, you are in love with someone. And there are a lot of ways that someone can be the wrong person -- and this was one of the ways that Gavin was the wrong person. He's defective; he came with an expiration date that, frankly, was close and awful, but I was so in love with him, and it didn't matter."

Did you read the article and watch the video? Let me know what you thought.

-- Holly

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