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Would You Take What You Dish?

Do you sometimes ask more of your husband than you give? Tell the truth.

Every so often, I bop over to my friend Charlie's blog, Man Wife and Dog, to see what she's writing about. She blogs about marriage and often has insights that speak straight to my heart. Well, this post hit me right between the eyes. Charlie copped to bitching about how much (or little?) her husband had been cleaning, know, the ushe, and then she caught herself and thought, Wait, I haven't done jack either!

Here's why this one got me: As I type, I'm at the ocean with Jack and his family (brothers, wives, parents, kids -- all in one beach house). I'm holed up in a room "working," while they're out at the beach playing with the kids. Yes, I do have to work while I'm here. But truth be told, I could definitely be working more efficiently than I have been (read: stop looking at pretty Tumblrs that have nothing to do with this blog). If I brought Jack on a big trip with my family, I would not be happy if he spent the majority of the time holed up in a room on the Internet. That shidt would not fly -- it would both hurt my delicate, dainty feelings and piss me the hell off. So I'm going to wrap this up and get offline. Thanks, Char, for reminding me to check myself before I wreck myself.

Have you busted yourself acting like a marital hypocrite? The confession booth is open.

-- Holly

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