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Tell Me Your Spousal Pet Peeves

Haters gonna hate, right? So you might as well come in and hate with me.

Let me start by saying for the zillionth time that I have the awesomest husband ever. EVER. Got it? Git it. That said, Jack does some things that grate Mama's nerves. Actually, that reminds me -- would you be a lamb and go get Mama a fresh bottle of nerve pills? Bless your heart. Anyway, as usual, my biggest Jack pet peeve is sleep-related. I am super-sick of Jack practicing the Napoleon Dynamite dance routine in his sleep. There's shin bruising involved, and gawddamnit if it ain't dress season! Plus, I'm tired. So very, very tired. Maybe it's time for us to bite the bullet and get a king-size bed. He is such a crazy, fitful sleeper, with such super-long, flailing limbs. I just can't seem to get far enough away in our queen. Sigh.

Okay, to make it fair, I just asked Jack for his biggest current pet peeve about moi. His answer: "When you talk to me when I'm out of earshot so that I have to stop what I'm doing, come to whatever room you're in and ask you what you just said. At which point you usually say, 'Never mind.'" Wow, that is annoying. Now you!

-- Holly

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