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The 'Friends' Apartment

Dave and I love our New York City apartment and we never want to move.

You know how when you watch TV shows or movies that take place in New York and the apartment just doesn't make sense? Friends, for example. Remember that arena-sized Greenwich Village apartment that Monica (struggling caterer) and Rachel (coffee house waitress) shared? There's no way people! Anyone even somewhat familiar with New York real estate would know that, in real life, those two would be rooming together in a phone booth. But then again, the show also got us to believe that Jennifer Anniston was sleeping with David Schwimmer -- so I guess it's all part of the fantasy.

But here's the thing; Dave and I actually have the Friends apartment! We got incredibly lucky and found a NY gem right out of a Woody Allen movie. And yes, it's totally worth all the wrath and jealousy we incur from our friends.

The apartment has a storage room, which is unheard of in NY! The room even has a spare bathroom off of it. The plan was that this room was to eventually become my office - the place where I can sit and quietly work and write. It has since become Stephanie's blazer closet

I'm a news reporter! I have a lot of blazers!

The apartment needed a little work (and a little role reversal) when we moved in. We had what looked like a college dormitory dining room table and chairs. It was quite the eyesore. Stef stepped in and took on the project. She stripped the table and all the chairs, finished them, painted them AND upholstered them.

Oddly enough for a heterosexual man, Dave has a better eye for interior design than I do. He is really good at creating warm environments within a given budget. He took over and completely designed our living and dining rooms.

Look, I'm not gay but I design! *Hey, that would be a good title for a reality show! Actually folks, it is a new show coming out starring our friend Jay Larson.

The apartment was ready in time for us to have our first party, which we have previously written about (link to It's a Grown-up Party blog). We had about 40 people there which, for New York, is an unheard of number of guests for a house party.

We hope that the party was the first of many. As much as Stephanie and I disagree on, one thing we see eye to eye on is or love of hosting friends and family. We like to feed guests home cooked meals and make them feel welcome in our home.

That is what a "home" is to us.

Who is the "designer" in your home? Who is the artistic one? Do you guys have assigned roles or are they more shared projects?

Stephanie Tsoflias is a reporter for WPIX in New York City. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@lifeofareporter). Dave Siegel is a standup comedian and writer in New York City. You can see a list of his upcoming performances at and follow him on Twitter (@StandUpDave).

-- Stephanie and Dave