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The "Psycho Ex-Wife" Blog Suit

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this blog is a bit much.

You may have heard about the ex-husband turned blogger behind Well, the plot has thickened in his already pathetic story.

A little bit of background -- Anthony Morelli and his wife split up years ago and have been fighting ever since for sole custody of their two kids. But instead of focusing on their well-being and giving them a healthy childhood, Morelli’s been defaming their mother online. Apparently, the site gets around 200,000 hits a month, and the guy even started selling advertising for it!

Anyway, a judge ordered Morelli to take the site down, and he’s appealing the ruling! How can he possibly think this appeal will help his custody case or his relationship with his kids? He compares his wife to Jabba the Hutt and boozehounds all over! The ridiculous fact is, he may have a case -- it does go against his right to free speech -- but there’s a line that you shouldn’t cross, people! If you’re unhappy about your custody battle or annoyed with your ex-wife, go out for drinks with the guys; don’t start a blog. How mature does it make you look that you have to vent and overexaggerate so much so that a court of law has to get involved -- red flags are going up all over for me.

What about y’all? Do you think he’s going too far? Personally, I think he’s lost all respect from his kids and any chance at full custody.

-- Holly

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