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When Your Spouse Is Away, Do You Go Out and Play?

Or do you just stay home and enjoy an empty house?

This post on got me thinking about how I choose to spend my time when Jack and I are apart. As you may recall, Jack and I spend lots of time apart. The two of us shuffle between Brooklyn and our house upstate, depending on our work schedules, and we often spend up to half of the week flying solo. Jack's hours are gnarly (sometimes 16-hour days), so he benefits from the ability to lead a fairly monkish lifestyle when I'm not around. And by that, I mean he doesn't have to spend his evening hours talking. There, I said it. I'm a little chatty. Whatevs. So when I said “monkish,” I meant strictly in the vow-of-silence department, ‘cause unless monks have started surviving on takeout burritos, the statement sort of falls apart there.

But back to me…. When I'm alone upstate, I tend to just enjoy being alone in the house. Sure, I go out now and then (the town is actually cool enough to offer a decent nightlife), but I really dig the peace, quiet and lack of interruption that rattling around in an otherwise empty house provides. If I want to work until 2 a.m., I’m free to do so. If I want to shriek along to the last Girl Talk record, same diff. What? Shut up.

True, I often look (and smell) like a homeless person when left alone for too long. But I will have you know that I am working on that issue. Why, just yesterday, I showered and put on a pretty dress, for no damn reason. So, like...progress? But tell me, what's your preference? Do you like to stay in and be alone, or go have a big night out when your spouse is away?

-- Holly

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