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Is Twitter Ruining #Your #Relationship?

Or are you just trending out of love?

It's funny to think that Twitter could have such a big effect on someone's relationship, but OkCupid recently did a study proving just that. From the Huffington Post article on it: "Twitter users' relationships last slightly less time, on average, than others." Hmmm...maybe that's why Jack and I are in it for the long haul? I mean, I see little reason to tell my friends that "Im supr bord w/ all this Wills&Kate do Canada crap," even though I frickin' am. I know I'm going to get crap for that one, but come on, they're kinda boring, no? But I digress.... Really, who wants to know what I'm up to at any given moment? Not even me and certainly not Jack. But if your spouse did want to know what you were up to, wouldn't you rather they call you to ask instead of just checking your tweets? (PS: What's up with the character limit?)

That's why I'm not surprised that Twitter is bad for your relationship -- and sex life. Who wants to be sitting next to their spouse only to be shushed so they can tweet to a bunch of strangers that they're sitting next to their spouse and bored, or have date night interrupted so their spouse can tell the world the funny thing they just overheard at the next table over? Not me -- or, thankfully, Jack. So personally, I agree with the study that Twitter can be a major relationship buzzkill.

What about you? Do you think social media like Twitter is bad for your relationship?

-- Holly

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