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Men, Watch Out or She'll Win Every Fight

The way I win every fight.

I’ll admit that I sometimes find myself on The Frisky catching up on the important stuff (like this turtle clip), and when I came across this story about the phrase that will win all fights, I had to read the whole thing.

The article says that a surefire way to win a fight with a guy is to say, “You just really hurt my feelings,” or some version of the phrase. My personal favorite: “He forgets an anniversary? ‘I’ve never felt more forgotten or hurt by you.’” The funny thing is…this is my secret weapon. I already knew this; tell me something new!

In my relationship, Holly tends to be a dirty fighter. She doesn’t technically “yell” (in her opinion), but harsh words are exchanged (that aren’t really PC for online). Then I whip out those magic words, “Holly, that really hurt my ego.” I mean, I say it really manly, but still -- works like a charm.

Now I know we’re the exception to this rule -- we know our relationship is unique -- but what about you guys? When your spouse doesn’t do the dishes, what’s your go-to phrase that’ll win the fight, no matter what? How’d you discover it? And my favorite: Do you just jump to the makeup sex?

-- Jack

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