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The Wife vs. Mistress Beauty Pageant

Shriver's looks are being compared with those of Ahhnold’s Baby Mama. Why?

I read a great article on Yahoo Shine about how the press loves to compare the looks of mistresses and wives whenever a celebrity cheating scandal makes headlines (think: Silda Spitzer and Ashley Dupre, Sandra Bullock and Bombshell McGee). I'm glad the topic’s come up, because I can't say it enough: Men do NOT cheat because their significant other wasn't hot enough. So why do they do it? Some men say they cheated because the other woman made them feel good about themselves. In other words, Ms. Mistress never looked at them with an expression of deep disappointment. Other men say they cheated simply because she was there. But there's a third type of guy -- the ones who usually say they don’t know why they cheated. These guys are often addicts (think: Tiger Woods, the philandering Russian men I blogged about, and, I'm willing to wager, Schwarzenegger). They don't know why they did it, because they've always just done it. They’re cheating all the time -- whenever they have an opportunity.

So the news that The Arnold betrayed Shriver with a woman named Mildred, who, well...looks like a Mildred, is not super-shocking to me. After all, the fact that she was a household employee of his explains a lot. Can you say proximity? I mean, he didn't even have to order in; he just had to go knock on a door within his own house for some fresh nookie. So can we once and for all agree to not make cheating about looks? Come on, this isn't about the shortcomings of the women involved. Am I right?

-- Holly

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