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Prince William and Kate Middleton Invited Their Exes to Their Wedding

Weigh in: Good idea or crazy-dumb?

As I've mentioned before, I’m pretty mellow about exes. My last two significant ex-boyfriends (prior to kicking off Jackapalooza...wait, that sounds dirty) each married good friends of mine. Hell, I was even the maid of honor in one of their weddings. So obviously, I have no prob with the concept of having exes as wedding guests. That said, I didn't invite any to mine. Budgetary concerns (mine) and travel costs (theirs) made inviting them a nonissue. As you can imagine, I've never had to deal with Jack's exes for one simple reason: He's not friends with them. There's no hostility, no hate -- it's just that he sees no reason to keep his ex-girlfriends in his life. So I've never met a dang one. But I've been to plenty of weddings where that certain ex (read: the one who haunts the bride's dreams) was in attendance. Usually it was fine -- mildly catty, but fine. Sometimes it was not so fine. Like when the movie-star-gorgeous ex wore a white dress and flat out upstaged the bride.

So here's the deal: I guess Kate and Wills have a ton of exes on their collective guest list. This makes sense to me, because people of their social stature rarely date outside their circle, and therefore, there is a ton, recycling (swapping sounded wrong) required to make a simple Friday night movie date happen amongst this rarefied dating pool.

So yeah, exes are gonna be at the royal wedding. But some people believe that it's bad luck to invite former flames to weddings. What do you guys think? And did you have any at yours?

-- Holly

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