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Working Moms Unite

Now you can work a nine-to-five without feeling guilty (hopefully).

I could brag to y'all about how glorious our vacation is (I'm talking sun, sand and yummy Costa Rican fare), but I'll spare you the jealousy. While I was poking around online this morning to find a hot topic, I came across a post on Psychology Today about how a recent study shows that raising a child in a two-working-parent home doesn't harm the child's development. In fact, the study, by the University College London, found that there were many benefits for young children if both parents worked.

The study showed that boys and girls were more likely to have developmental or emotional issues when either one or the other parent was working, which debunks the traditional belief that a stay-at-home parent could solve all (and prevent all) problems. Of course, the findings also showed that it was all about balance. If you work so much that you never see or talk to your children, then this whole study wouldn't really apply.

All of this is exciting for working moms out there. So many of my friends hoped that their strong sense of self and never-give-up working habits would rub off on their sons and daughters, and this study says it's so. Don't get me wrong, though -- I'm not poo-pooing stay-at-home moms. I'm just giving a hefty endorsement (and so is UCL) for working moms and dads to keep doing what they're doing. And if you've found yourself unhappy at home (or even resenting your kids) because you left your job, get back on the horse.

I'm sure it's hard saying good-bye to baby every morning, or missing school plays and recitals, but ultimately, it will be okay.

What do y'all think -- does this study put your mind at ease, at least a little? Thinking more about having kids now that it's not as frowned upon to go back to work after they're born? Discuss. Signing out from the beach!

-- Holly