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"How do you deal with pushy in-laws."

"Do you have a cleaning schedule?"

"Has marriage changed your relationship?"
Married Life

“What are your financial goals?"
Money Matters

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What's Marriage Really Like?

Nesties share what they've learned about each other over time -- and what they wish they'd known from the get-go.

Foreplay can be as simple as brushing our teeth. Easy breezy. --Ivyelle4

I didn't realize that my parents would pressure us to move in with my newly divorced sister. --Kelletah

An in-law 101 course would have been great. --boupie

I wish I knew how many snacks he ate. His stomach takes up a lot of our grocery list! --Blissed-Out

Your single friends have difficulty accepting that you can't go out with them late at night, dancing, drinking and tempting fate. --lvalle

Marriage is most certainly a partnership. We both had to learn, in different areas of the marriage, to give more of ourselves. --JRainer

My life is not what I thought it would be...but I like what my life is becoming! --VBallGirl102787

He thought he was going to get a lot more action once we were married. --kpavinich

We thought we'd be together all the time after we got married, but we see each other less now than before. --JoshandKristina1102

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