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Annoyed Much?

You know when your spouse does that thing that just irks the crap out of you? Tiffanie Wong feels your pain. In March, she married Mark Joyella -- the man of her dreams -- and realized one very important thing: He's annoying. His nickname for her (baby muskrat), character impersonations (his favorite: Zoolander), and poor gift-shopping skills (he gave Tiffanie a calculator for her birthday) were enough to make her start venting via blog. The result: Trust me -- it'll make you feel better.

Tiffanie's site is getting loads of attention lately. Apparently, everyone is annoyed at their husbands. His hair in the sink. His habit of leaving milk cartons in the fridge that have approximately two drops left. His insistence on singing U2 ballads in the shower ( that just me?).

So what's your spouse's most annoying quirk?

-- Caitlin Moscatello

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