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Love in a Rock Band

Vedera on The Nest

If you caught the October 6 episode of The Hills, you were introduced to Kansas City band Vedera and got to hear them perform “A World Apart” and “Satisfy” from their newly released album, Stages. Like any other close-knit band, the bandmates of Vedera regard one another as family...sometimes literally. Lead singer Kristen May and lead guitarist Brian Little are actually married! We spoke with Kristen, who told us all about the band, plus the guidelines she and Brian live by to keep their marriage intact while living life on the road (and as bandmates!).

The Couple: Kristen May and Brian Little

Met: In high school -- Brian was friends with her old brother, but they ran in different crowds. Only upon her return from Nashville, when Kristen wanted to start a band, did her brother reintroduce them. Once Kristen and Brian started making music together, they never looked back.

Married: 3 years, dated for 6 months

Digs: A quaint, two-level home in Kansas City

Kids: Not yet

Pets: Looking for a band dog to take on the bus!

The Nest: Vedera recently performed “A World Apart” and “Satisfy” from your newly released album, Stages, on The Hills – what was that experience like?

Kristen May: Surreal! We just did our show normally and got to invite all of our friends and family along to watch. Audrina and gang were super-nice and MTV even bought us 30 pizzas after the show! We are so thankful for that exposure.

TN: What was the inspiration for Stages?

KM: It took two years to write the album and it’s really about the stages of both a band and a relationship. After the initial attraction phase of a relationship, real love comes into play and that involves compromise and understanding of who that person really is (even accepting their faults!). I also pull from experiences close to my loved ones -- for example, a time when you’re betrayed by love and how to say, “I forgive you.”

TN: Which band would you compare yourselves to most in terms of lyrics and tone?

KM: We compare ourselves to The Cranberries and The Sundays. We also love the way that Coldplay and U2 have open lyrics where “love” can apply to any relationship -- your lover, mother, or even dog! We aim for open-ended lyrics in our music so that the listener can personalize the song and the words can take on a healing power.

TN: What’s it like to be married to Brian, your band’s lead guitarist?

KM: Well, we’ve been together since the beginning of the band, so it’s natural in one way, but can also get intense since you’re working with your spouse. At first we would walk on eggshells so we wouldn’t take things too personally, like, “Hey, I’m not sure about that chorus,” or “Wanna change this?” but it’s really all about communication. Our whole band is a family in that way -- we all need to communicate!

TN: What’s the most frustrating thing about being on the road so much?

KM: Well, as the only female in the band, I like to keep things equal and drive as much as the others, but driving gets old -- sometimes you just want to chill on the bus. Also, you’re in such close quarters all the time, which can get hard, and I find that I’m always losing my jewelry bopping around from place to place. That’s probably my fault though -- I should be more careful. I’ve never been too attached to my things.

TN: How often do you get to go home?

KM: We try to stay out a month at a time, but can be on the road for a stretch of four to five months too. Our ideal scenario would be three weeks on the road and one week a home, but we do make it home for all the fun reasons to be there, like the holidays.

TN: Describe your nest -- does it reflect your artistic style?

KM: Definitely. We decorate our place to relax and be together as a couple, but also to create music. The decor is a mixture of ’70s and ’80s, and Brian and I like to buy tapestries to hang on the walls. We love to thrift hunt and also shop at Anthropologie a lot.

TN: What’s the best piece of advice you’d give newlyweds of

KM: Be patient with each other, communicate, and always remember why you got married: for love. It always comes back to love.

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-- Sharon Stimpfle

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