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Real Couple: Abby & Brendan

Get to know this cute couple who met arguing over a parking spot...

Their Digs: They sold their single-family home in Iowa last November and moved to St. Louis. Now they rent a 950-sq.-ft. apartment.

How They Met: Abby and Brendan both worked at Abercrombie & Fitch in college. They were running late, and he stole her parking spot. She was trying to explain to her manager why she was late when Brendan walked around the corner. She pointed out the jerk that stole her parking spot and made her late. Her manager said, "Abby, have you met my little brother Brendan?" Her manager became her brother-in-law.

Ages: Brendan is 28; Abby is 25.

Years Together: 5

Married For: 2 years in September

Careers: Brendan is a financial advisor; Abby is a youth counselor for at-risk teenage boys.

Baby Clock: 2 to 3 years until they try to conceive

Fight Most About: They really don't fight, but they do disagree about spending money and not communicating well enough.

Biggest Worry: Losing one another

Fantasy Buy: A two-week vacation to Santorini, Greece

Who Makes More: Brendan

Interests & Hobbies: Playing golf together

Favorite Sports Teams: Minnesota Vikings and Twins

Who Loves to Cook: Abby loves to cook, especially Greek cuisine because Brendan is Greek.

Splurge: Their Jaguar

Guilty Pleasures: Brendan’s is golfing and playing his Xbox 360; Abby’s is shopping.

Have Sex: 3 to 4 times a week

Favorite Vacation Spots: Greece, Italy, and Turkey -- they went on a cruise here with Brendan's whole family

Anniversary Gift: Weekend at a bed, breakfast & couples spa

Spend the Weekends: Taking advantage of all St. Louis has to offer, playing golf, eating out, and enjoying the lake near their home

On Weeknights: They come home from work, cook dinner, watch their favorite TV shows, and go to bed.

More About Abby & Brendan: They’ll only be living in St. Louis until the end of the fall because they’ll be moving back to Abby’s hometown in Iowa. Brendan will be working with his in-laws at their financial-planning office.

-- Caitlin Losey

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