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Real Couple: Allison & Joshua

Meet this fun-loving, Ohio-based couple who love their pets and attending OSU games!

Allison and Joshua

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Their digs: 1300 Sq feet plus finished basement, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths

Ages: They're both 25

Together since: Fall 2006

Married: July 18, 2009

How they met: through mutual friends at Ohio State University where Josh attended college. Allison told her mom two days after meeting Josh that she was going to marry him. "We have been together ever since!"

Careers: Allison is a marketing secretary and works in sales for a local college. Josh works in landscaping.

Baby Clock: "We would love two children eventually but are enjoying being newlyweds for now. Probably in a year or two down the road!"

Most Annoying Habits: Allison: ”He drives slow or at the speed limit and I have a lead foot so it drives me crazy. I can’t complain too much though because he has more patience then I will ever have. He is extremely easy going!” Josh: ”She doesn’t realize it, but she sighs out loud whenever she is eating something she likes. She also is obsessed with vacuuming our house.”

Interests/Hobbies: "We both love animals, watching OSU football games, spending time with family and friends, taking our dogs to the local dog park, DIY projects around the house, traveling, and playing scrabble." Allison likes to clean house, read, & take pictures of everything. Josh enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing.

Guilty Pleasures: "We love weekend getaways and taking vacations. We also enjoy date nights out at restaurants around town...alot!"

Something nobody knows about them: "We love to play music at home, sing, and just act goofy. We also love to play games like scrabble and battleship on lazy nights at home!"

Fantasy Buy: "A big boat and a house in the Keys."

Splurge: A 73 inch tv for their family room.

Nicknames for Each Other: Allison calls Josh “babe” and Josh calls Allison “princess or honey”

Pets: "We have a house full! Two dogs rescued from a shelter (George and Bogey), Allison’s old cat from college who she rescued from the shelter (Chandler), and two recently added kittens from a friend's farm (Chico and Dory). "It’s crazy, but so much fun!"

In 10 years they will be: "We will be in love and enjoying life with two little ones & our animals running around. In our down time, we will be traveling and exploring new places we have never been to!"

-- Samantha Leal

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