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Real Couple: Brandi & Anthony

Brandi & Anthony  

Wedding Date: October 20, 2007
Together For: 8 years
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Age: Both are 29.
Career: She’s the marketing coordinator for a printing company, and he’s a police officer for a Penn State University branch campus.
Pets: Scallette, a half Jack Russell and half Toy Fox Terrier. She’s going to be two years old in March.

We asked Brandi and Anthony to answer the same questions separately; here’s what they said:

1. After our first date I thought…
Brandi: This guy is a lot of fun, and we had a really great time together.
Anthony: This girl is nice and genuine.

2. A surprising thing my spouse doesn't know about me is…
Brandi: When I can't sleep, I toss and turn until I "accidentally" wake him up because I'm lonely.
Anthony: That I smile when I roll over at night and see her sleeping.

3. The best gift my spouse ever gave me was…
Brandi: Showing me that when love is true, loving someone comes very easily.
Anthony: Her hand in marriage.

4. The biggest stress in my life is…
Brandi: My family.
Anthony: Trying to find enough time to spend with her.

5. My best marriage advice is…
Brandi: To always communicate with each other, even if you think what you’re saying is trivial.
Anthony: Be truthful and smile.

6. The thing I do that annoys my spouse the most is…
Brandi: Make a mess in the bathroom sink area.
Anthony: Not putting my clean clothes away.

7. My spouse drives me nuts when they…
Brandi: Put dirty dishes next to the sink instead of in it.
Anthony: Can’t keep the sink clean.

8. We'll have kids…
Brandi: Someday…
Anthony: Someday…

9. The best part of being married is…
Brandi: Knowing that you vowed to love someone for the rest of your life -- through the good and bad. And coming home to that special person that you miss all day.
Anthony: You get to enjoy life with someone special.

10. The hardest part is…
Brandi: Finances.
Anthony: Not having enough time to spend together.

11. How often would you say you have sex:
a) Hardly ever
b) Often, but not enough
c) Just the right amount
d) Too much

Both said “b.”

12. When my spouse isn't home, I…
Brandi: Watch movies that he doesn't like and miss him the whole time.
Anthony: Miss her.

13. My favorite memory with my spouse is…
Brandi: There are so many…our honeymoon is on top of the list.
Anthony: All of them.

14. I really don't like to ___________, but I do anyway because it makes my spouse happy.
Brandi: Vacuum.
Anthony: Unload the dishwasher.

15. I'll tell you exactly where we'll be in 20 years…
Brandi: In our own house (not in the townhouse we own now) with a teenager or two and our dog.
Anthony: Happy with a kid or kids and a puppy.

More About Brandi and Anthony
They did not like each other when they first met. He was a long-haired rock ’n’ roller, and she was a preppy blond girl who listened to pop music. There was an initial attraction, but they were so mismatched that they put their connection on the back burner.

A few months after they left for school, they found each other on AOL Instant Messenger and would talk from time to time about how they were doing. They started flirting online, and he finally asked her to come visit him at school one weekend. It was the most fun they ever had, and the rest is history.

After that, they compromised (he cut his hair and she went to Metallica concerts with him). They have so much fun together that they rarely fight. In fact, Brandi only recalls having had three fights in the time they’ve been together. These two are definitely a classic story of how opposites attract.

-- Caitlin Losey

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