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Real Couple: Bridney & Cedric

Meet this Texas-based couple who admit it wasn’t love at first sight!

Location: DeSoto, TX

Their Digs: They rent a home with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths.

Ages: She’s 25; he’s 27.

Together Since: 2008 (three years)

Relationship Status: Engaged on June 17, 2010

How You Met: “We met at work in 2008 and became friends, but we weren’t automatically attracted to each other,” admits Bridney. After being friends for a few months, they grabbed some food after work, and soon their “hanging out” led to dating. “We just clicked and have been inseparable ever since,” she says.

Careers: Cedric works in appraisals for Bank of America, while Bridney works as a special education teacher.

Baby Clock: They have two children, Zaria (from a previous relationship of Cedric’s) and Aydin.

Most Annoying Habits: Cedric “hardly ever budget shops,” says Bridney. “Bridney asks, ‘Did you hear me?’ after everything she says,” says Cedric.

Interests & Hobbies: Cedric is a hard-core video gamer and loves playing basketball, football and soccer. Bridney loves socializing with friends and family, and listening to music.

Guilty Pleasures: Cedric has to have something sweet every night and watches anime cartoons before bed. Bridney? She’s always on Facebook.

In 10 Years You Will Be: “Completely settled and planning to renew our wedding vows!” says Bridney.

-- Samantha Leal