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Real Couples: Claudia & Erick

Get the scoop on this fabulous duo.

Location: Houston, TX

Ages: She's 24; he's 25.

Status: Engaged since June 2008.

How They Met: At a mutual friend's birthday celebration.

Careers: Claudia is a paralegal; Erick is an operations manager at a real estate company.

Their Digs: They rent a duplex with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a "man cave" for Erick in the garage.

Baby Clock: They've already started! They have a 2- year-old son named Jayden.

Pets: A German shepherd named Memo and a cat named Gitty "because Jayden couldn't say 'kitty'"

Sex Life: "It hasn't been what it used to be prior to having the little one."

Secret No One Knows: They've been thinking of moving to Florida, just for a change.

Pet Peeves: Erick says Claudia has to have things in a "certain spot." Claudia says Erick is extremely forgetful.

Guilty Pleasure:s Roasted corn or anything from their local snackbar, Flamingos.

Downtime: They love outdoor activities and exercising. in 10 years He wants to teach grade school; she wants to be an attorney.

-- Lauren Le Vine

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