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Real Couple: Cristina & Whitney

Your home: Cristina and Whitney currently rent a town home in downtown Austin and have just begun the process of searching for their first home. They hope to purchase their first home by late November/early December.

Ages: Cristina: 28; Whitney: 31

Home Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free Recipes

How we met: The pair met in October 2002 when they were both at law school. Cristina’s best friend introduced them at a local student hangout. That first night they met, they laughed and talked until the wee hours of the morning. About five months after their first introduction, Whitney asked Cristina out on an official date.

Years together: About 4 1/2 years

Married for: 4 months

Career: Both are attorneys.

Baby clock: “We have been asked this question since the day we got married. Everyone is anxious to know,” Cristina says, laughing. “We have sat down and discussed our time frame, and our thought is that we would like to start our family at the end of next year. Whitney and I would like to purchase our home and settle in before we begin the expansion of my belly and our family!”

Fight most about: Finances and their budget. Since they’re in the process of buying their first home, they have had to cut back on a lot of the “extras” that they’re used to purchasing, like accessories, eating out, and so on. “These cutbacks have been hard for me and inevitably lead to an argument,” Cristina admits. “In the end, however, we always wind up making up. I completely understand our goal, and I’m 100 percent on board with our financial planning, but it's hard to give up random shopping and a love of shoes!”

Biggest worry: They worry about having a family and being able to support and provide for one to the extent that their parents provided for them, while still being able to take time off from work for family vacations and such.

Fantasy buy: Whitney's fantasy buy is a massive flat-screen television. Cristina's is a fancy professional camera.

Who makes more: Whitney does (for now)…

Interests: They love going to college football games, specifically those of the Texas Longhorns (Whitney's college alma mater). They also love wine-tastings and wine parties…basically anything involving wine. Whitney loves to golf and jog, while Cristina enjoys more laid-back hobbies such as scrapbooking, photography, and collecting vintage photos. They also love to spend a lot of time outdoors with their dog, Barley. They both enjoy foreign films: “We love opening a bottle of wine along with some munchies and settling in to watch a foreign movie. Our favorite is Cinema Paradiso.”

Favorite sports team: Texas Longhorns and the San Antonio Spurs

Who loves to cook: Cristina loves to cook. “I don't know how good I am at it yet, but I'm getting the hang of it, and what better tools to have than our brand-new pots and pans from our wedding! I love to cook all types of dishes, but my favorites are dishes tied to my Hispanic culture. One specific dish that I have definitely mastered and have been able to get Whitney to love is called chicken mole. It’s known for its dark, sweet and spicy sauce. The next traditional family dishes I aspire to master during the holiday season are pork tamales and pan de polvo [a light cookie covered in sugar and cinnamon].”

Splurge: They plan to splurge on new living room furniture after they purchase a home. These two currently own a hodgepodge of furniture from both of their previous apartments. “We can’t wait to purchase a nice new couch with matching pieces,” Cristina says.

Guilty pleasures: “Too many to name, I'm afraid,” says Cristina. But a few of them are: reality TV shows; Dancing with the Stars; chocolate (in any shape or form); Justin Timberlake (for Cristina); Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model (for Whitney); Austin's Amy's Ice-cream; and Flava Flav Show!
Decorating style: Eclectic and comfortable with simple, clean colors and furniture; lots of natural hues and browns.

Pets: Mini Schnauzer named Barley, aka Snoopy. “His full name, according to the breeders we bought him from, is Barley von Schnapps,” Cristina explains.

Favorite vacation spot: “Without a doubt: Zihuatanejo, Mexico,” they say. “The people are so gracious, and the scenery is breathtaking. We know we’ll always have a fabulous time every time we go there.”

Anniversary gift: None yet; they haven’t reached their first anniversary (keep your fingers crossed Cristina…).

On weekends: Trying to relax as much as possible after their hectic week (aka lots of wine if possible). They also like to catch a movie, take long walks with Barley, and have dinner with family or friends.

On weeknights: They cook dinner together, try to find something good on TV, and read before bed.

They say: “Our life motto is ‘never take yourself too seriously.’ This motto is something we hope to pass on to our children. We just love to be silly with each other and make each other laugh; we feel that trying to impress others or worry about what others think is a waste of energy and your own personality. Whitney and I have also felt what it’s like to be the topic of discussion or disagreement among people who do not feel that an Anglo should marry a Hispanic. As old-fashioned as that mentality might seem to others, it’s still very real. I think having to endure some disapproval in the past has strengthened our love and trust in each other; it helped us form our family motto. We’re truly excited about our lives together, and no one will ever be able to put out our flame. We can’t wait have children and are so excited for the experiences our lives have in store for us.”

- By Caitlin Losey

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-- Caitlin Losey

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