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Real Couple: Crystal & CJ

Wedding Date: December 1, 2007
Together For: 8 years before they got married
Location: Charlotte, NC
Ages: Both are 23
Careers: CJ is a real estate agent; Crystal is a real estate office manager
Pets: Dalmatian named Mr. Maddox

After our first date, I thought…
Crystal: Does this kid really have pink highlights in his hair?!
CJ: Wow, I could really show this girl off to my friends and family!

Home Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free Recipes

A surprising thing my spouse doesn't know about me is…
Crystal: I want to go to hair school a lot more than he suspects.
CJ: I believe I have some sort of psychic/premonition ability. I know it sounds crazy.

The best gift my spouse ever gave me was…
Crystal: My beautiful engagement ring! It's so unique!
CJ: The wedding band I'm wearing now.

The biggest stress in my life is…
Crystal: Work, most definitely.
CJ: Worrying about my younger brother and sister not having our father around anymore. He passed away when they were 11 and 14.

My best marriage advice is…
Crystal: Never ever ever go to bed angry at one another. You never know what tomorrow holds.
CJ: Laugh with the one you love as often as possible.

I’ll tell you exactly where we’ll be in 20 years…
Crystal: our huge house on Lake Norman with our kids and all their friends hanging out at our pool.
CJ: Traveling the world with our son and daughter, worry-free!

The thing I do that annoys my spouse the most is…
Crystal: I stash candy wrappers and trash in the side compartment in his car door. Hey, at least I didn't put them on the floor!
CJ: Bite my fingernails.

My spouse drives me nuts when they…
Crystal: Sniffles all the time in order to avoid blowing his nose. Ah, just blow it!
CJ: Tells me the same things over and over again like I didn't hear the fifth time.

We’ll have kids…
Crystal: Yep, at least two in the near future hopefully.
CJ: That will be just like us. They’ll be taken care of but not spoiled; full of pride but not showy; and intelligent about life but not over-confident.

The best part of being married is…
Crystal: Knowing that he’s always going to be there for me at the end of the day.
CJ: Having so many people wish they had what we have. It seems weird to me that a lot of people end up with the wrong person or can't ever find them at all!

The hardest part is…
Crystal: Managing the bills for the both of us.
CJ: Work! I can't wait until we can work together AND live together, though we’ll spend some time apart because every marriage does need that.

How often would you say you have sex: (choose one)
a) Hardly ever
b) Often, but not enough
c) Just the right amount
d) Too much

Crystal: B -- our schedules are so different these days.

When my spouse isn’t home, I…
Crystal: Catch up on TiVo!
CJ: Maintain the house for her so she's not stressed about an unorganized, cluttered or dirty environment.

My favorite memory with my spouse is…
Crystal: When we went on our honeymoon to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was the first time CJ had ever been on a plane, and there was major turbulence. His face was priceless.
CJ: Seeing her walk down the aisle in her gorgeous wedding dress and then heading off into the life we love now.

I really don’t like to _____, but I do anyway because it makes my spouse happy.
Crystal: Watch drama/action movies.
CJ: Do the dishes.

-- Caitlin Losey

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