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Real Couple: Elisabeth & James

Get to know college sweethearts Elisabeth and James. They're both studying to be doctors -- find out how they balance their marriage with the stress of medical school.

Location: Akron, Ohio

Their Digs: They rent a 950-square-foot, 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment.

Ages: James is 24; Elisabeth is 23.

How They Met: At a school-sponsored picnic during undergrad at Kent State University

Years Together: Almost 4 years

Married: July 7, 2007

Careers: Currently, they’re both students at Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine. Eventually, they’ll both be physicians (more specifically, James will be an anesthesiologist, and Elisabeth will be an ob-gyn).

Baby Clock: They want to get settled into their residencies first, so they plan to start trying in late 2010.

Have Sex: Just about every day

Pets: They don’t own any pets, but they often babysit for Elisabeth’s mom’s Yorkshire terrier named Dante Corleone.

Fight Most About: James’ laziness. He never does anything around the house.

Biggest Worry: They both have first-born type-A personalities, meaning they worry about everything. A few big worries are the amount of debt they’ll be in after over a decade of school, not being able to conceive, and losing each other or their families.

Fantasy Buy: A European vacation

Who Makes More: Right now, neither one of them makes anything. 

Interests & Hobbies: Politics, literature, history, travel, art, reading, running, hiking

Favorite Sports Team: James likes Ohio State football; Elisabeth doesn’t like any sports.

Who Loves to Cook: Elisabeth does all the cooking. In their married life, James has cooked one meal, and it didn’t turn out well.

Splurge: They’ve taken a few trips that they probably couldn’t afford. Also, James often buys Elisabeth nice gifts that they definitely can’t afford.

Guilty Pleasures: Fine dining, especially French cuisine

Decorating Style: They like to use a lot of color on the walls and European touches in their art and decor.

Favorite Vacation Spot: So far, their honeymoon to Walt Disney World

Anniversary Gift: They’re taking a trip to hike the Grand Canyon.

Spend the Weekends: Studying, going out to eat, and playing games with their families

On Weeknights: More studying! Elisabeth usually cooks dinner for the two of them, and she reads to James before they go to sleep.

-- Caitlin Losey

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