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Real Couple: Erin & Esch

Ages: Erin is 25; Esch is 26.

Years Together: 4

Married for: Less than 2 months

Their Home: They’re renting for now but are starting to make budgets to begin saving for their first house.

Biggest Worry: They just moved so Erin is still on the hunt for a new job. She turned down an offer for a position she would've loved, but she felt it wasn’t quite right. The job search is hard, especially in a new city.

Interests & Hobbies: They love photography and keep oodles of scrapbooks and albums. Esch is a good sport and has tried to become more interested in art to keep up with Erin.

Favorite Sports Team: They’re both die-hard Penn State football fans. According to Esch, fall equals college football season and the best time of the year.

In the Kitchen: Esch likes to make big, elaborate breakfasts on the weekends. Erin is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys planning dinner menus for the entire week.

Splurge: Nice dinners out with a bottle of good red wine

Decorating Style: They've incorporated some older inherited pieces with more minimal, modern decor. They love mixing and matching styles, but they always keep it simple and clean. Erin loves to add color with fresh flowers.

Baby Clock: Definitely want kids, but not for a few years

Pets: Parents to a Chocolate Lab named Miss Georgia Beasley

Favorite Vacation Spot: The pair went to Europe for two weeks last summer; their favorite city is Prague. They also honeymooned in Napa and Big Sur, California. Must-see travel list: Australia, South Africa, and Greece.

Weekends: Erin and Esch always try to have Friday “date nights,” which entail dinner out or cooking something new together and watching a movie. Saturday is usually spent with friends, and they go to The Home Depot, IKEA, or Crate and Barrel on Sundays.

Weeknights: These two love the “outdoorsiness” of Austin -- they take the puppy swimming at one of the many parks, go on a short hike, and play in a social kickball league on Thursdays. Erin says, “The guys are competitive...and the wives gossip (they’re only in it for the cocktail hour that follows).”

-- Caitlin Losey

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