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Real Couple: Esther & David

These two pulled off a beautiful wedding despite a mini-catastrophe just two weeks before the big day. What happened? Dave was in an accident at work and suffered second-degree burns on his face and right hand. His hand was bandaged from the skin graft at the wedding, but no one could tell his face was burned. What a trooper!

Location: Destin, FL

Their Digs: 1,100 sq. ft., 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment

Ages: He’s 29 and she’s 28.

How They Met: They met in 2006, but never really hung out together until 2007 when they performed together in church.

Together: Almost 2 years

Married: January 24, 2009

Careers: Dave is a forestry technician and musician; Esther is an executive administrator.

Interests & Hobbies: Playing and listening to music. They’re both musicians!

Pets: Elmer, a black Lab, and Simeon, a Chihuahua

Baby Clock: Two to five years

Guilty Pleasures: Coffee and Peanut M&M’s for Esther; chocolate for Dave

Secret No One Knows: They’d rather stay home and watch documentaries.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Dave: “Esther eats all of the M&M’s out of the trail mix.” Esther: “He uses my towel, washcloth, and razor.”

Have Sex: “Enough to keep us satisfied!!!”

Biggest Compromise: Not buying a house right away

In 10 Years: “We’ll be business owners, parents, and pushing 40!”

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-- Nirvanna Lildharrie

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