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Real Couples: Holly & Tony

Real Couples: Holly & Tony

Lawrenceville, GA

Ages: She's 24; he's 28.

How They Met: Holly actually dated Tony's brother in high school!

Together: Over 4 years

Married: June 27, 2009

Careers: Holly is an X-ray tech; Tony is going to school to become a physical therapist.

Their Digs: 1,400 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Pets: 2 Jack Russell terriers named Bentley & Kilo; 1 rat terrier named Sushi

Baby Clock: "Hopefully next year."

Nicknames: for each other She calls him "Anh" (a Vietnamese term of endearment for a hubby); he calls her Baby. guilty pleasure Reality TV

Pet Peeves: Tony: "She sticks her cold feet underneath me in bed." Holly: "His mumbling!" secret no one knows "We have full-blown wrestling matches when we're home alone." in 10 years They'll be "in love with lots of babies."

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