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Real Couple: Jamie & Andy

Real Couples: Jamie & Andy

We had Jamie and Andy answer the same questions separately; see how they match up!

Location: Kearney, Nebraska
Wedding Date: June 30, 2006
Together For: They started dating in July of 2004 but were friends in high school.
Age: Jaime is 27; Andy is 29.
Careers: Jaime is an associate athletic director; Andy works in retail.
Pets: Three dogs -- Pace, Caidance, and Wamblee

After our first date, I thought…
Jamie: I either need to marry this man or not ever see him again. He won over my heart right away!
Andy: I’m going to marry her. I even said so to my two best friends immediately afterward.

A surprising thing my spouse doesn’t know about me is…
Jamie: I’m pretty sure that he knows nearly everything about me. In high school, when I had a crush on him, I drew a heart next to his senior picture, but I think that I may have told him that.
Andy: She has a pretty good idea of who I am, so not much should surprise her.

The best gift my spouse ever gave me was…
Jamie: Andy gave me a shadow box of my picture, race number, and medal from when I ran the Boston Marathon for the first time. I love it because he had to be creative and put it all together himself. Plus, it shows me that he supports me in my passion for running.
Andy: Her unconditional love!

The biggest stress in my life is…
Jamie: Probably the balance between work and home life. But Andy is really supportive of my career, so I’m very thankful for that!
Andy: Work.

I’ll tell you exactly where we’ll be in 20 years…
Jamie: We’ll be watching our children becoming adults, hopefully living in our dream home, and still running and spending as much time as possible with each other. We like to paint a picture of us walking down a beautiful trail holding hands and then sitting in matching rocking chairs on our front porch watching the sun go down.
Andy: Two kids, mostly debt-free, and deeper in love than we are today.

My spouse drives me nuts when they…
Jamie: When I ask Andy to do something that needs to be done right away, and he just takes his time and does it when he feels like it. Many times I end up doing what I asked him to do.
Andy: Let the clothes pile up in the office.

We’ll have kids…
Jamie: When the timing is right for us to have children.
Andy: Eventually. If it were up to me, we’d have two; according to her, we’ll have four. So we'll probably have four...

The best part of being married is…
Jamie: Having someone to share your life with.
Andy: Looking at her and knowing that I have the best possible person to complement my past, present, and future. And being proud of who she is.

How often would you say you have sex:
a) Hardly ever
b) Often, but not enough (Andy: It’s getting better. It’s part of that communication piece.)
c) Just the right amount (Jamie)
d) Too much

When my spouse isn’t home, I…
Jamie: Hang out with our three dogs and count the minutes until he’s home again.
Andy: Usually sleep because I work odd hours.

My favorite memory with my spouse is…
Jamie: Just this past March, we went hiking in Colorado. We had a great day; we went to the Royal Gorge, a winery, and The Garden of the Gods. It was just the two of us taking our time and enjoying the trip together. We were goofy and had a lot of fun!
Andy: I have a lot of them. Our trip to Pueblo, Colorado, was rather amazing.

I really don’t like to ________, but I do anyway because it makes my spouse happy.
Jamie: Kiss him before he he’s brushed his teeth in the morning
Andy: Do dishes

-- The Nest Editors

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