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Real Couple: Jessica & Shedrick

Meet this Christian couple who are enjoying being newlyweds!

Status: Married since September 26, 2009

How they met: Jessica was ilving in New York when she went to visit a friend in DC. While she was there, the friend set her up on a blind date with Shed, who lived in Virginia. Shed and Jessica kept in touch via email and texts, and saw each other every other month, until Jessica eventually got another job in Virginia to be closer to Shed -- and he proposed in April 2009.

Careers: Jessica works in residential rental property management; Shed works as a sports management consultant.

Their digs: They rent a 980 sq. ft. apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bath.

Baby clock: They plan to start trying for a family in 2012. "Right now, we're enjoying the newlywed stage of our relationship," says Jessica.

Most annoying habit: Shed leaves the toilet seat up (typical!); Jessica leaves clothes around the house.

Guilty pleasure: Trader Joe's guacomole dip!

Interests: They love to work out together.

Fun fact: "We're both Christians, who shared little physical intimacy, outside of holding hands, until our wedding day," says Jessica.

-- Samantha Leal