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Real Couple: Joi & Stephen

Their Home: They just became homeowners. They have a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Savannah, Georgia.

Ages: Joi is 25 and Stephen is 31.

Home Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free Recipes

How They Met: On a family and friends cruise that both of their families planned together and went on. Their families have been long-time friends; Stephen is Joi’s best friend’s cousin. They officially met on that cruise but didn’t start seeing each other until years later.

Years Together: A little over a year and a half

Married For: 3 months

Careers: Joi works in administration at a university, and Stephen is a master electrician.

Baby Clock: 3 to 4 years

Fight Most About: Keeping things neat and not throwing things around

Biggest Worry: No worries right now

Fantasy Buy: A surround-sound system, spa tub, and a screened-in back porch

Who Makes More: Stephen

Interests & Hobbies: Traveling; spending quality time with each other, family, and friends; bowling; and the movies

Favorite Sports Team: Stephen’s a football fanatic (hasn’t really specified a team, just loves the sport); Joi doesn’t have a favorite team.

Who Loves to Cook: Joi loves to cook smothered shrimp and grits (Stephen loves it), and Stephen likes to cook steak and potatoes (Joi loves it). They began their relationship learning how to cook together. They’d go over to each other’s houses to try a new dish.

Splurge: 37” plasma screen for the living room and a 32” for the bedroom

Guilty Pleasures: Dairy Queen Blizzards

Favorite Vacation Spot: The Caribbean. They’d also love to visit Italy and Egypt one day.

Anniversary Gift: They’ll take a weekend getaway and plan to start furnishing another room of the house.

Spend the Weekends: They take quite a few getaways to Atlanta. Most weekends they take care of household chores or work on a new project in the house.

On Weeknights: They go out to eat or Joi will cook, and they snuggle up next to each other and watch television. They also visit family or go out together with friends.

-- Caitlin Losey

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