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Real Couple: Kim & Dusty

real couples

Cozy up with a glass of vino to read about this cute wine-loving couple, who love spending time as a duo but plan to eventually have a brood of red-headed kids near their fams in Missouri.

Location: Columbia, Missouri

Their Digs: They rent a 1,000 sq. ft., 2-bedroom, 1-bath home.

Ages: She’s 24; he’s 28.

Together: Since the summer of 2005.

Married: May 30, 2009

How They Met: Although they both grew up in the same small town, their paths somehow never crossed…until they totally hit it off at a friend’s house party one summer evening four years ago.

Careers: Dusty is a sales associate at a local mom-and-pop shop. Kim is a grad student in clinical social work.

Baby Clock: Three years. “We joke about having a two-year baby plan, but it continues to be pushed back. We love kids, but we absolutely adore it being the two of us right now!”

Pet Peeves: Dusty's auto-re-call: “At the end of every phone conversation he recaps everything that was said throughout the exchange -- even if it's just dinner plans!” Kim's folding-phobia: “She's not big on hanging things up as soon as they are out of the dryer. She lets her piles of clothes sit for a few days, and then she puts it all away.”

Biggest Compromise: Tying the knot in their hometown. “We wanted Vegas, but being around our friends and family was more important to us both. We had a church wedding in our hometown instead so everyone could attend without the financial burden of travel.”

Interests & Hobbies: Red wine, working out, cooking, being with friends and family, and being with each other (aww!).

Nicknames: Dusty calls Kim “Boo Bear.” Kim calls Dusty “Baby Boy.”

Guilty Pleasures: They are Sunday afternoon regulars at a local pasta joint, where they kick back with a bottle of wine. “There’s not a lot better than relaxing over of a couple of glasses of vino with each other!”

Fantasy Splurge: Their first anniversary trip to Cancun. “It’s our treat for not taking a honeymoon. We think we deserve it!”

Have Sex: “A LOT :)”

In 10 Years: They'll be happily married, living a bit closer to their families, “with a couple of red-headed kids running around!”

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-- Colleen Canney

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