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Real Couple: Lauren & Brad

Location: Arlington, VA

Their Digs: They rent a 1,100 sq. ft., 2 -bedroom, 2-bath apartment.

Ages: She’s 26; he’s 30.

How They Met: They were introduced in 2005 but never ran into each other again until 2006 when they took the same class at the University of Missouri. “He walked back into my life (literally) when he walked into class.” Their friendship quickly became much more.

Together: 3 years

Married: October 18, 2008

Careers: Lauren is the director of special events for a small events firm; Brad consults for the US government.

Pets: They rescued Penny, a beagle/dachshund mix. “We’re pretty sure she’s the cutest dog ever!” Lauren says.

Baby Clock: Somewhere in the next 1 to 3 years. “We have to do some traveling first!” Lauren says.

Most Annoying Habit: Lauren: “Brad analyzes everything way too much!” Brad: “Lauren leaves her clothes laying around.”

Biggest Compromise: They haven’t had to make one yet. Lauren says, “We’re on the same page with most of the big stuff. We do seem to disagree on how many kids we want. I say 2 and Brad wants 3, so maybe 2 1/2…does the dog count?”

Downtime: He loves playing golf; she’s involved in community theatre. They also like to entertain and watch sports together.

Guilty Pleasures: Lauren loves to sleep late and Brad indulges in expensive cigars. Once in a while, they’ll splurge on expensive red wine.

Secret No One Knows: “We’re pretty goofy -- I think I’m most fond of our occasional prework ’80s dance party,” confesses Lauren.

Splurge: Other than an overpriced bottle of wine here and there, they don’t really splurge. They’re saving to buy their first home.

Anniversary Gift: They’re planning on a trip either to the beach or Europe.

-- Rebecca Weinhold

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