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Real Couple: Lindsay & Scott

Location: West Bend, WI

Their Digs: They just bought a 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 1,800 sq. ft. Cape Cod style home.

Ages: She’s 25; he’s 27.

Together: About 6 years

Married: September 13, 2008

How They Met: Working at a home improvement store. “Scott made the first move. He sat next to me during the grand opening of the store. He had a can of soda in his back pocket, which proceeded to burst and explode in his pants. I heard a hissing sound from the can and then he stood up with soda exploding from his pockets! I loved him right then and there!” They watched a movie that night at Scott’s house and they haven’t been apart since.

Careers: Lindsay works at an advertising agency; Scott is a commercial/contractor sales manager for a large home center.

Pets: A Bengal cat named Bailey.

Have Sex: Lately once a week, but typically two to three times a week.

Baby Clock: “We’re currently trying to have little ones,” says Lindsay.

Most Annoying Habit: Lindsay: “Scott has a habit of leaving his work boots in a different spot every night. And hello -- they’re steel-toe boots, so when I stub my toes, it's not fun.” Scott: “Lindsay always feels the need to call the people we’re going to visit a half-mile before we get to their house (to tell them we’re almost there). Can't she wait?”

Biggest Compromise: “Our biggest compromise so far is that I always want to go out and be social, and Scott wants to be a homebody,” Lindsay says. "We're trying to find a middle ground."

Downtime: They’re music-obsessed, self-described concert junkies, singing, rocking out, connecting, interpreting, and playing the guitar whenever possible! They’re also into trivia games. “Scott is a sponge! He remembers everything,” Lindsay says.

Guilty Pleasures: Scott has a soft spot for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (and has a mild man-crush on Ty Pennington). Lindsay soaks up whatever reality TV show is on at the time, with special focus on Tori & Dean.

Secret Nobody Knows: They have frequent "conversations" with Lindsay's deceased grandparents. “We consult them (ask for advice aloud) on almost everything,” Lindsay confesses, “including asking their for help when we're gambling in Vegas.”

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-- Caitlin Losey

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