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Real Couple: Michelle & Brian

Meet this couple who met cheering for their favorite team (the Philadelphia Eagles!).

Location: Horsham, PA

Their digs: They own a condo/town house with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Ages: She’s 28; he’s 30.

Relationship Status: Married since July 12, 2009

How They Met: They met in Sea Isle City, NJ, when they were at the same bar cheering on their favorite team: the Eagles. “It was love at first sight!” says Michelle.

Careers: They’re both teachers! Brian teaches seventh- and eighth-grade history, while Michelle teaches first grade.

Baby Clock: Michelle is ready to start a family (“I want to have a kid ‘yesterday,’” she jokes), but Brian wants to wait a little bit.

Pet Peeves: Brian says that Michelle tends to not respond when he asks a question (“She’s either on Facebook or texting”). Michelle says she can’t stand when Brian cracks his knuckles and neck or when he leaves hair in the sink after shaving!

Interests & Hobbies: They love the Eagles, the beach and traveling together. He also loves going to NASCAR races.

Guilty Pleasures: Nachos with the works! “We whip them up very often at home,” says Michelle.

Sex Life: “We would never ‘kiss’ and tell!” says Michelle.

In 10 Years You Will Be: They want to own a new home and have two kids.

-- Samantha Leal