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Real Couple: Donelle & Mike

Their Digs: 1,260-sq.-ft. condo in Carlsbad, CA

Ages: Both are 29.

How They Met: They met through a mutual friend while in college many years ago.

Years Together: They knew each other as friends for many years. They’ve been together as a couple for 3 1/2 years but have known each other for 7+ years.

Married For: They celebrated their second wedding anniversary on August 13.

Career: Mike is a store manager for Verizon Wireless, and Donelle works for a real estate company in San Diego called Nuvilla Real Estate as their web designer/developer.

Who Makes More: Mike does.

Fight Most About: Their most common argument is usually about what to eat! Though they say not too many arguments occur -- mostly small silly ones.

Have Sex: As often as they can...

Baby Clock (Updated): They are expecting a boy!

Pets: A blonde Pomeranian named Noa (which means “freedom” in Hawaiian) that’s almost two years old; a black cat named Cyrus that’s four years old; and a calico cat named Roxy that’s 17 years old.

Favorite Sports Team: San Diego Padres and Chargers; however, they’re also fans of the Baltimore Ravens since Mike's cousin is Todd Heap.

Who Loves to Cook: Donelle loves to cook. She says coming up with recipes regularly can be difficult, but when the recipe is figured out, it’s always a treat to be able to cook!

Splurge: They’re pretty good about not splurging; on occasion, they like to buy themselves things for the house or go out to a nice dinner.

Guilty Pleasures: Donelle's guilty pleasure is her BMW, and Mike's is his love for wine.

Decorating Style: They have blues in the living room, yellow/green in the office, neutral/tan colors in the guest room, and chocolate brown in the master bedroom.

Interests & Hobbies: Mike is an avid surfer, getting out in the ocean on a regular basis is a must. Donelle enjoys reading, web designing, and dabbling in wedding/event planning.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii. Mike's mom grew up there

and his grandparents live there, so they always have a nice place to stay when they visit.

Anniversary Gift: They bought a 32-inch flat screen HDTV for their bedroom this year.

Spend the Weekends: Mike usually has to work on Saturdays, so Sundays are spent together as much as possible. During the summer they try to get to the beach; during the winter they hang out at home or with friends.

On Weeknights: They eat dinner and then watch some recorded TV or a movie. They’ll also go out to dinner or the movies and occasionally go out with friends.

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-- Caitlin Losey

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