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Real Couple: Nicole & Andrew

Meet this young, California-based couple who said "I do" in matching Converse shoes!

Nicole and Andrew Swanson

Location: Lancaster, CA

Their Digs: 1500 sq. ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Ages: Nicole is 24, Andrew is 25.

How They Met: Technically they met when Nicole was 15, but reconnected after they worked together. Says Nicole: "We started emailing back and forth and he gave me his number, and said text me sometime. Within a minute I texted him back "sometime." The rest is history."

Together: Since April 2008.

Married: June 26, 2009 "in a dress my mother-in-law made and us both in Converse shoes."

Careers: Nicole is a nurse and a counselor. Andrew is an installer and fabricator for cars.

Interests & Hobbies: Nicole loves to read and dance and Andrew loves music and working on cars.

Pets: Two male German Shepherds Dom and Sulley.

Baby Clock: They're trying!

Guilty Pleasure: "I could spend hours in a book store so the used book store is a great way to stock up on books without spending a ton," says Nicole. "He loves his guy time with his best friend playing X-Box. And I make some killer brownies that are hard to say no to."

Biggest Pet Peeves: Nicole admits that while Andrew is an amazing cook, he leaves an amazing mess behind. Andrew says Nicole is always asking him questions and trying to plan out everything. Nicole: "Even during intimate times apparently I sometimes start telling him what all we have to get done the next day."

Have Sex: "Couple times a week, and we like to add a little spice sometimes!"

Biggest Compromise: "Life is full of them but we agree on most big things actually. Probably what we can and can't spend money on."

Nicknames for Each Other: Nicole calls Andrew "ManCub", while Andrew calls Nicole "Turtle". "He has to coax me out of my shell sometime when he wants to know something," says Nicole.

In 10 Years they hope to be: "Debt-free hopefully and enjoying raising a happy, healthy family. We would like to be going on a vacation somewhere great for the whole family."

Something they're proud of: "When we bought our home we gutted the inside and spent over six weeks remodeling it together," says Nicole. "We did all the work ourselves (with occasional help from our family of course). During this time we were both working full time and I was going to nursing school full time so the remodeling tended to be done between 10pm and 4am as nursing school started at 6am and I got off of work at 9:30pm. Looking back I don't know how we were functioning without sleep."

-- Samantha Leal

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